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This page is Under Construction.  I will add to page based on questions I receive.

What would make someone ineligible for services?


You must be 21 years of age or older to access psilocybin services.

You cannot be taking the medication lithium as studies have shown that psilocybin use may pose a significant seizure risk for patients on lithium.

Psilocybin increases blood pressure temporarily and so blood pressure needs to be close to normal at baseline (before taking the medicine).

For now, individuals with a history of Psychosis and/or a diagnosis of Bipolar disorder are not eligible. This may change in the future when there are more supports in place and more studies completed.

What is Psychedelic Integration?

Integration sessions refer to time spent talking about the Psilocybin journey and making sense about what happened as well as deciding how you want to integrate the new knowledge into your life. What many Facilitators have found is that Preparation is 25% of the work, the session is 25%, and what you do to integrate is 50%. That’s the place where people make big changes in their lives.

Integration can also be useful if there are things that came up that are  confusing, destabilizing or difficult for you.


Here are a few tips for Integration:


  1. Journal about the actual experience (through writing or audible journal) as soon as you can after the original experience. Describe the experience without trying to interpret.

  2. Talk to various people about the experience. I find that each person or group offers a different insight and, I notice that we usually focus on different parts of the experience depending on who we’re talking with.

  3. Be patient. Know that your process will unravel more and more day by day as long as you keep setting the intention to integrate the new information to improve your life. Remind yourself that this was an important experience and that it’s OK to spend time thinking about it, questioning, and not knowing. This journey matters, you matter, your intention matters.

  4. Allow yourself to be led to new things. Notice new interests. Go with it. Take the class, listen to the podcast, read the book, try out a new habit. They might not all speak to you and that is yours alone to decide. This is a time where you can practice exploration, listening to your Self, identifying, and expressing your Yesses and Nos.

  5. Of course, as always, working with a therapist, coach, integration support group can be helpful, although, I understand, sometimes, difficult to find.

  6. Keep tracking your insights through writing or video/audio journaling for at least 3 months.


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