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Kimberly Reed

Kimberly Reed is a Certified Psilocybin Facilitator in the State of Oregon. First experiencing the power of plant medicine to assist in the lessening of depression in her early 20’s, Kimberly continues to follow the research and connect with other explorers in the field.
She utilized insights from the medicine to deepen her connection to the creative process, writing songs and playing in coffee shops around Ohio throughout the 90’s and singing in a post punk band in the early 2000’s. She also became deeply engaged in Social Work, working with houseless folks in Cleveland, Ohio and Transition Aged Youth in Portland, Oregon.


She eventually returned to school and earned an MSW in 2015. She went on to start a private practice with a focus on healing the impacts of trauma through EMDR, HOCI (healing our core issues) and Motivational Interviewing. She became involved in the Portland Psychedelic Society in 2022 and graduated from Innertrek’s Psilocybin Facilitator Program in 2023.

Kimberly has been deeply impacted by Women’s groups and has been a participant and leader of Song Circles, Full and New Moon Rituals, Meditations on the Tarot and SoulCollage® groups. She is drawn to Depth Psychology and spent 4 years in a Jungian influenced process group (Awakening in the Dream with Paul Levy) and stays active in Oregon Friends of C.G. Jung.

In addition, Kimberly loves her friends, following the Seasons, hiking, music, ecstatic dance, literature, theater and film and long conversations over many cups of tea. She views plant medicine as a helper on the path to connecting with knowledge that lives deep within us and can lead to healing, growth, and creativity.

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